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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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you'll see only on abc7 news. vic? >> reporter: the young couple is from fresno. the couple ended with a gun at their heads. and regarding the investigation, sources tell abc7 news police believe they've identified the killer. the two drove up from fresno for valentine's day weekend. >> just sight seeing and enjoying the city lights and walking and enjoying our vacation. >> reporter: they parked at twin peaks. >> we hear these popping sounds, i looked back to the left, we see the gunman coming towards us, kind of with his back turned. he turned around, he had the gun and pointed it at robert. >> reporter: we --
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>> i saw the gun with the clip and looked down and pushed unlock on the car and i said get out of the car, and i said open the door and ran. >> i was in shock. i just got out of there as fast as i could. >> the gunman got in the suv and sped off, hitting another car. costa and torres hid while she called 911. the couple did not know in that moment is that the gunman had just shot three people. but as they looked around, they saw a bloody crime scene. >> we could see the bodies over there, laying dead. >> they're just on the ground, one next to a car. and i believe he got shot in the face. >> one guy was like, behind the car like behind the car. >> the third victim behind a wall. they were questioned and taken to park station hours later.
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the gunman took everything they had. >> our car, money, credit cards, ids was in there. >> reporter: police are looking for the car, a black gmc yukon denalixl. police took the couple to the train station and they caught the 6:40 to fresno, exhausted, hungry, and wondering if they'll get their car and their belongings back. >> what an ordeal, thank you very much. step by step a car break in is caught on surveillance camera. the thief cases the van, then smashes a window and starts stealing stuff. it's the latest example of a crime that has become common in san francisco. live with the story. sergio? >> reporter: as a san francisco resident, i have had my car broken into three times, and i simply learned not to leave
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anything inside. this weekend, a member of the abc7 news team happened across a group of tourist who had their rental vehicle broken into a half block from the embarcadero. they tell us it cost them thousands of dollars. for residents, little piles of glass have become a usual site. some people call them street diamonds. for tourists, it's part of their image of san francisco. >> yes. there are heaps on the sidewalks. >> reporter: visitors have become targets, these are surveillance pictures september to us by a group of tourists. a man with long hair and sweater walks up to the van. you can see his legs.
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and the tourists say he made off with thousands of dollars and and street signs warn them not to heave anything in the vehicle. >> take everything out so you don't have to go with the cost of fixing the window. >> a spokesman says contemporary troy what people may have heard, it is a felony. he says law enforcement have been cracking down but cases involving tourists are sometimes tougher to prosecute. they can't always make it back to testify. so police and prosecutors are working with car rental companies to be part of the cases. when meeting these australian tourists we warned them. >> yeah. we have people taking stuff from cars. >> it's nice to know others also offered warnings. according to the calendar
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there is more than a month left of winter but it doesn't feel like that. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. the line of cars backed up earlier andrew is live with a look at the fblth. >> some spots nearly 20 degrees above normal. look at this. highs 77 up to 85 degrees, our abc7 community was out and about. and with this holiday money, several people are often joying sites from dolores
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73 in santa rosa. numbers are going to be slow to fall and one more day of very warm air, looking for changes that does include change. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. the heat could be bad news for farmers. bee keepers say that could mess up the pollenation cycle. as a result they'd make less honey. another problem, the rain could knock blossoms off trees without them, some fruit would not develop. >> they have is to stay on there and the weather has to be good enough for trees that are
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blooming. >> the blooms led to an early allergy season as you may have noticed. you're watching water flow out of the reservoir in marin county. abc7 news is live in the santa cruz mountains, the lowest of the valley water districts 10 reservoirs. >> reporter: weather stations indicate we're between 80% and 95% of normal for the season but that is not reflected in the levels of the ten reservoirs operated by the santa clara valley water district. the spillway provides hikers, runners and bicyclists a good gauge as to how much water is being collected. this is runoff. it also helps fill the
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reservoirs. look at the flow, now compare it to three months ago, a rain storm created greater runoff. >> now, it's been the last what? week and a half? it hasn't rained. it's slowing down, yes. so hopefully it's going to rain. >> 150,000 acres that we'd have before the end of the year, it's a must. >> the water district gauges say it's at the top of the list and lexington ranks at the bottom just shy of 23%. interest there is optimism more rain is coming. >> it's dwindling off. i think we're going to not going
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to solve the >> i think people are still thinking hey, we've got a lot of water so we're back to normal but we're not close. >> the newest clue of a missing alameda man may northbound a photograph. take a look at the photo taken at land's end on tuesday, the day john beck disappeared. stoddard says she's sure that is her dad. >> the photo was just huge. i said that is my dad. >> he was seen going to federal court. he's been ordered to pay the u.s. government $113 million for an alleged get rich quick scheme. he appealed the case. >> a father disappeared from his daughter's wedding. the ceremony took place saturday at the grand island mansion in
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walnut grove. her father went for a walk after the ceremony and hasn't been seen since. the last few days is a little bit, not sure what the reasons but it's not doing work. >> search crews have searched and found no sign of him. he moved from india to california in january, living in anaheim, then pacifica. >> more still to come right now there is a huge fight to save the life of a very small horse. >> yes. we're going to take you live to meet valentine, next, plus... >> new at 6:00 how this laboratory can help make life saving decisions. >> meet the company testing a major makeover for one of the most-popular coulds at the timic treatments on the market. botox. plus... >> the best kennels in the bay
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area, coming up, a new ranking of the best and the affordable.
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the race is on to save this tiny horse. firefighters rescued the colt from the bottom of a ravine, now, the colt needs a operation. >> abc7 news is live with more on the real struggle to save this creature, wayne? >> here is valentine, very
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sweet. yes. there is a battle to save her life long term. >> around fremont, fire station four, they get plenty of calls. >> you just never know what you're going to run into. >> he never had one like this. look at this picture, a horse, injured and dying. >> i know it's separated from its mother at some point and might have fell down. >> sarah cradled the horse's head in her arms. >> he was soaking and shaking and probably in shock. >> how long have he been there. >> he did survive.
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>> this is valentine. >> he has a broken pellis from the fall. >> every time he gets up and lays down, the frack trur rubs against a major artery. he can bleed to death. >> so she's spent the night with valentine and will again, tonight. they're hoping for a donation for an operation to save him. >> he has a will to live. >> now just needs? >> fund. >> for this horse that began with nowhere to go but up. >> good luck. a florida medical student says he contracted the zika virus on a medical mission to haiti. >> out of nowhere i felt really, really strong headache. i had no idea what it was.
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i knew i was sick. i thought it might be another disease. but i never heard of it. >> after about four days he was better, just one in five people infected has severe symptoms. it is spread by mosquito and has been linked to a birth defect. these days nearly every restaurant and store has at least a few items marked as gluten free. soon, you may not just have to take heir word for it. >> shari used to eat whatever she wanted until college. >> i couldn't eat gluten, dairy, egg or soy. >> dining out went from a treat to a chore. >> i asked are they gluten free? she said how allergic are you? >> that is how she got the idea for this. >> you can hear the crunching. >> she calls it a tiny lab.
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and this reads results. it's frowning. >> it's a warning, it discovered it was not gluten free. >> about one out of five of the gluten free dishes we're testing are coming back positive for gluten. >> the idea is to make it simple enough for even a child to use. and could with some of the biggest users. the company's next project are little jars that test for peanut and dairy but each jar is only good once. and at $5 it serves one crowd. >> folk who's have really trouble some and potentially dangerous allergies. it doesn't strike me as something for the casual gluten free person. >> other food sensors use light but the makers found only a
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chemical test was sensitive enough for people with celiac sdeegs. >> you're the person that knows your health best and have potential to be a partner with your care giver. >> she knows it's just a matter of time before the price comes down, making people happy. >> it's smiling. >> yeah. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> she will beings happy. >> yes. >> and the sunshine looks amazing. >> yes. incredible warmth and we're going to hit it again tomorrow, tomorrow is the day, too. that will track rain here. looking at something for everybody out there. right now, you've been outside all day and enjoying warmth and clear skies. here is that shot gorgeous and
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quiet night on the way. the forecast here, you're going to call for record highs again on tuesday. then, warm air is out of here we're colder here on wednesday and that is going to come with rain wednesday night into thursday morning but right now, it's warm. 13 above normal, 68 in san jose. 73 in santa rosa so tonight another warm night, upper 40s to mid-50s and that does create a launching pad to see highs on our tuesday. look at this. any number you can see with an asterisk likely going to be a record. 76 tomorrow, 75 san francisco. 76 in antioch so taking a look at tuesday record, san rafael within a degree tomorrow, the
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record is 77. forecasting a high of 76. looks like san francisco going to tie the record of 75. oakland exceeding the record going into 78 in san jose. and big changes coming up wednesday. storm impact scale, bringing us back. there is a storm to talk about. 1 to 5, gives you an idea of what to expect so one, coming on wednesday is a one, a light storm, light rain and winds between 25-35 miles per hour. so knew tour weather will show you first thing you're going to notice on wednesday is cooler air, highs in the mid-50s lower 60s but that is where we should be. wet weather moves into evening hours by 8:00 on wednesday, likely tracking light scattered showers and it's not a long duration system. by midnight, it's wrapping up and thursday morning, there could be a lingering shower out
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there for the thursday morning commute. rainfall we're looking at probably a tenth to half an inch of rain. so good to see the pattern change. and a winter storm watch and look at these numbers. south lake ta he a foot of snow and kirkwood 11 inches by thursday. here is the accu-weather forecast. wednesday, it's cooler. saturday, sunday, into monday, more sunshine and temperatures going back into mid-70s a week from today. >> wow. >> yes. >> well, just ahead, taking the sage. >> a teenager's dream comes true. stay with us.
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beyonce paid tribute at the super bowl by her dancers dressed like black panthers.
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and a group will protest, and a second group will protest the protest. a singer from walnut creek has serious bragging rights after performing at carnegie hall at just >> beautiful. she was among 270 students from around the world to perform at the esteemed hall in new york city. she was selected from 18,000 applicants to be part of the concert choir. >> i dreamed about, like, performing at carnegie hall, like, like, written reports on carnegie hall. it was just awesome to be there. it was unreal. >> the sophomore aspires to return to new york and work in musical theater. >> that is a good bet. >> she's only a sophomore.
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>> i know. >> the u.s. supreme court has an empty chair, justice scalia passed away over the weekend. >> taking a look at the bench and california connections to two potential nominees, plus... >> this situation is surreal. >> the circumstances surrounding the shocking death of an experienced bay area sky diver. how did it happen? >> meet the california shoe shiner chosen to travel these little guys? they represent blood cells.
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the east bay photographer for an experienced sky-diving group lost his life over the weekend during a dive. this is a shock for the friends on the dive with him. >> he started at the lodi parachute center. alisa harrington picks it up from there. >> we call them the eyes in the sky. he'll be missed. >> he got the name as the sky
6:30 pm
diver's club. his parents did not open. he crashed into a wall near lodi airport. emotions are raw for the community who considered him family. >> he saw me and came running to me and gave me a hug. >> bill shipley was on the jump and didn't realize anything was wrong, here they are going back up to do what is called a missing hahn formation. >> it was a warm moment. >> for now, shipley says they're focusing on his family. especially his three kids. >> he was very proud of his kids and son in the marines. >> friends are in the process of setting up a go fund me account
6:31 pm
and an ash dive, scattering his ashes in the air, something shipley says he would have wanted them to do. a heated debate surrounds the selection of a new court justice. as the fight flares up, kristin zee is here to break down the process. >> president obama says he plans to announce his election one year from today but it's up to the senate to approve the nomination. justice scalia passed away unexpectedly saturday. the death certificate will saw the 79-year-old died of a heart
6:32 pm
attack. right now there are four liberal leaning justices and three conservative judges are john roberts, and clarence thomas. anthony kennedy has long been considered the swing vote. they can could find themselves in a split. in that case, the lower court ruling is upheld. and you might remember the name because he graduated from sanford law school in 1995. also mentioned is current california attorney general kamela harris. she says she's not interested
6:33 pm
and plans to run for senate. many republicans want president obama to wait on naming a nominee so the next president can do it next year. the senate may resort to a stall tactic to a process that normally takes months could take longer. back to you. a southern california man shared a gift with the pope and that represents poverty to success. >> noel is living his dream. born in a card board shanty, the son of a single mother, he remembers being catholic. >> i finished classes for first communion. my mother said sorry but you're not going to do first communion? why? i don't have money to buy the clothes. you need a white shirt, and black pants.
6:34 pm
>> he was just a little boy, he came up with a plan. >> next few days, i'm in the street and 7, 8 years old, doing shoe shining. >> for days he'd offer shoe shines for pennies, working the streets in tijuana. one day, he shows up to church in a white shirt and black pants. >> the day came and i was in line, very proud. my mother was proud of me. >> diaz immigrated to the u.s. and started catholic tv and radio stations, today, he receives an invitation to travel with the pope through mexico. it's tradition you give him a gift. for diaz it was obvious. >> i'm going to give him a shoe box. >> it's a symbol of hard work, modesty, humility. >> people who are ignored they're not in the headlines but they're there. they work hard to bring food to the table.
6:35 pm
>> on the plane, pope francis walks back to diaz and says hello. >> i told my story. >> he asked the pope if he can shine his shoes and the pope said yes. it's captured on video. a magical moment that began years ago on the dusty streets of tijuana. >> i never would have thought being in tijuana doing that, that i would be able to shine the shoes of the pope. >> a moment this devout catholic from southern california will always treasure. >> by the way the pope gladly accepted the shoe box and when the plane landed he could be seen describing to the president of mexico how noel diaz shined his shoes on the plane. >> wow. >> what a story. >> yes. >> it being called a cosmetic game changer. >> one bay area company says it can get rid of wrinkle was out botox needles. plus... >> it shouldn't smell.
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animals are clean. >> michael finney is here and going to walk through the ways to pick the perfect kennel for your pet. stay ♪ lost shipments, lost invoices, lost prospects, lost respect.
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a bay area company believes
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it may be on the verge of improving one of the more popular cosmetic treatments in the world, talking about botox. >> it could revolutionize the way the drug is delivered. >> like millions of patients, kathy turns to botox for wrinkles. >> my eyes and the fact that lines disappear. that is what we all like. >> what if you can deliver it without a needle? a bay area company is now testing a system that allows the toxin, the active ingredient to travel through the skin, something like cold cream. san francisco dermatologist says the treatment would still have to be administered by a doctor but could deliver significant advantages. >> topical has a lot of benefits for patients because there is no needles, no pain, no bruising. >> and like botox, the topical gel freezes the skin where where
6:40 pm
wrinkles and crow's feet form. it will be a break through but there is another potential benefit. early tests suggest that smoothing effect could last longer. jacob is co-founder of revan and says a molecule holds it in place longer, in tests, the effect lasted nearly twice as long as traditional. >> the longer duration would be a desirable thing. >> they're not yet fd approved and some urge caution until the final results are in. >> the proof will be in phase free. what happens? will it be as good as it was in phase two? >> still, if successful a needle free treatment could mean a major makeover for one of the
6:41 pm
most popular treatments on market. >> new, if approved the company says they can benefit patients using botox for beyond cosmetics including for migraines or perspiration. >> planning a vacation includes making plans for those you are leaving behind. >> next, michael finney shows one of only two local kennels to get check marks for both price and qualit
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>> breaking news on the search for a person who killed two people an wounded a third over the weekend at one of san francisco's famous tourist spots. san francisco police just arrested a suspect this evening at his home in richmond. the shooting happened sunday morning. two residents were killed and an 18-year-old man is in the hospital tonight. police tell us the gunman car jacked two tourists to get away and you can see them there, stealing their gnc yukon denali. >> let's move on. since we consider our path part
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of a family, finding the right kennel is important. how do you find a good one? >> we don't want to go away for a few days and have a great time thinking about our dogs being bummed out. these guys are taking a break here. they run around, get attention, and have play time. it's part of the routine here. kevin grassler is with bay area consumer check book. >> there are a lot of great kennels here in the bay area, most kennels are rated very highly for quality. >> one of, pet hotel is owned and operated by mindy. she says take a tour. >> it shouldn't smell. it should have a clean smell because animals are clean.
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and look to a staff that is very into the animals. they should be able to take a tour, meet the staff, check out the play yard, and see if it's a match for them. >> in the latest edition, wonder bar pet hotel was one of only two kennels to get check marks for price and quality. >> some kennels charge twice as much as competitors for the same stay. and this >> kevin says check to see which days the kennel is open. many are closed on sunday, meaning you can be billed for an extra day's stay. >> for the last 25 years we've been open on sunday. and we do later time now, 57 to 7:00 to be away longer and don't have to rush home. >> now, if you have a question or need my help, you can get it by going to
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and check out my reports go to sections tab and select 7 on your side. >> dog hotel. >> yes. >> thank you. >> well, last year, is booming. >> they were horrible results since early 80s. but this year, we're back to have one of our best years, ever. >> in fresno county, say they have enough slopes to keep them open through april. >> it's it's hot out today. >> it is. and feels like mid
6:48 pm
temperatures are in the 70s so we're at 72 in fremont. and napa now at 65 degrees. so a look outside, pier 15 a beautiful shot. you've been sniffling and sneezing? tree pollen is high. so tomorrow, much of the same, lots of sunshine and records in oakland 78 degrees. 77 livermore, 80 san jose. 75 san francisco. 78 in santa rosa. here is the accu-weather forecast. a chance of sprinkle, and more sunshine and higher numbers into the weekend. >> thank you. >> sure. >> warriors what a fun time that was. >> yes.
6:49 pm
shu is here. >> that is right. he's thawing out. >> and
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spring training is around the corner. this is a revamped roster compliments of billy bean. players and fans as their loyalty is rewarded players being shipped out. and pitcher sunny gray will be the ace of the staff and looking forward to training. >> will be a fun challenge to find our way through spring training. and 27 of the 40 man roster are home grown draft choices
6:53 pm
including >> i am focused on having a good year and let the rest take care of itself. there is not a lot i can say. but you know if it happens it happens. if it doesn't i'll keep moving. >> warriors have four days off before starting the and hairy beal went one on one with clay thompson. >> impressions of the game? >> offense. >> i noticed that, too. or lack of defense. >> yes. just a fun night. you know?
6:54 pm
being out there with d dgs raymond and staff was great. and a fun experience. >> you had a chance to share conversation, moments with kobe. you grew up watching. >> yes. grie up loving how he competed and the way he >> so you're getting into the flow of this? >> i'm telling you it's a great weekend and working at times. but is ht of fun. so i try to embrace it. >> i mentioned 196 points,
6:55 pm
disappointing. >> that is crazy. great offense there. >> yes. you know, we love watching it. just appreciate what you're doing. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> warners with a nine-day 6-day road trip. and ending in okc. the junior yards impactful player, at 6.5 boards and oregon state had a career high 24 against the ducks and this abc7 sports report brought to you by bank of the west. larry is back and had a good time. it was fun. >> yes. >> offense was 196. >> i came back and it was 193.
6:56 pm
so, wow. >> a lot of fun. >> especially coming to see how well they can shoot. >> yes. >> inincredible. >> i think we can score one # six. >> thank you, shu. >> join us tonight at 9:00. how scientists found this player that bloomed. >> police need your help finding this man tonight. the violent beating leaving a man fighting for his life. >> and here is tonight's prime time line up at 8:00 it's the bachelor followed by castle, then, abc7 news at 11:00. >> at 11 ln 35 it's jimmy kimmel live. >> that is this edition of abc7 news, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> for all of us here, thanks for watching. we'll see you tonight at 9:00 and 11:00.
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